Copy Mode (without vi)

# copy:
Ctrl - Space
# Select Text and copy
Alt - w
# paste:

Vi Mode

set-window-option -g mode-keys vi

Command Mode

Ctrl+B : get into command mode


Manipulate in Command mode:

Ctrl-b :

join-pane [-bdhv] [-l size | -p percentage] [-s src-pane] [-t dst-pane]

:break-pane Panes ausseinander brechen

%  vertical split
"  horizontal split

o  swap panes
q  show pane numbers
x  kill pane
+  break pane into window (e.g. to select text by mouse to copy)
-  restore pane from window
⍽  space - toggle between layouts
<prefix> q (Show pane numbers, when the numbers show up type the key to goto that pane)
<prefix> { (Move the current pane left)
<prefix> } (Move the current pane right)
<prefix> z toggle pane zoom

Color Stuff

Version Mismatch

$ tmux attach
protocol version mismatch (client 7, server 6)

$ pgrep tmux
$ /proc/3429/exe attach


Copy und Paste